Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?

  • WHO am I really looking to meet?
  • WHAT’s wrong with me?
  • WHERE do I go to meet decent singles?
  • WHEN am I ever going to find someone special?
  • WHY do I always seem to attract the WRONG type?
  • HOW do I get over the past?
  • HOW can I break the pattern of relationship drama?

 Have you ever found yourself challenged with the following?

  • Being afraid to approach someone you like.
  • Not knowing where the great singles are.
  • Not sure of where to meet someone compatible.
  • Not having the courage to send someone a message.
  • Why online dating is NOT working.
  • Afraid of rejection so you don’t take action.

My eBook, FINDING THE ONE: The A-Z guide to Attracting and Keeping Your Soul Mate is your guide to relationship success. The book is meant to help you understand the key points to focus on and be aware of, when it comes to attracting, finding and meeting the right person into you life.

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