5 Proven Tricks That Will Calm Your Mind

Daily challenges and struggles in life may occupy your mind for the most part, and this is quite normal. As human beings, anxiousness is a common feeling that originates from many different aspects of life. Be it your job, school, family, relationships and many other factors that you are juggling daily, the feeling of worry and anxiety has become a usual emotion that you have learned to just live with it. However, an anxious and noisy mind can disrupt your day to day routine which can then impact your life as a whole – simple conversations can lead to tough decisions that can make big changes in your life.

This is why having a calm and collected demeanor is an important investment. With all the modern definitions of being calm and clearing your mind, it can be confusing and overwhelming to know how exactly you can achieve it when in reality, it actually is a simple thing. You don’t need to go to therapy or invest on materials for calming the mind. Here are simple, proven ways that can help you calm your mind.

1. Stay Positive

As cliché as it sounds, it simply is the first and most effective step to calming the mind. Your thoughts, actions and habits are controlled by your mind which is something that you have full access and control. Therefore, you can guide your mind and body to focus on positive things. Train your mind to focus and see positivity every day and eventually it will form a habit that will lead you away from negative thoughts and actions.

You will learn that calming your mind is a lot easier when you have a positive outlook as compared to carrying negative vibes and bitterness. Choose to see the positive side of things at all times.

2. Stay in Present

More often than not, the feeling of anxiety and worry come from thoughts of future events and the possibilities of things going wrong. While thinking ahead and preparedness is an admirable trait, it should not consume your entire thoughts to the point where you worry all the time on things that are less likely to happen. This is commonly known as ‘over-thinking’ and this seemingly harmless act affects many people every day.

Stay in the present. Focus on what is currently happening, what you are doing and the reason why you are doing it. Following this thought process will help you focus more on the task at hand without being bothered by negative consequences, therefore leading to a more positive outcome. In addition, being in the present allows you to easily focus and clear your mind.

3. Try to Accept the Situation

Acceptance is a crucial key to finally be at peace with anything you are going through. Whether it is emotional, physical or psychological, knowing the facts and accepting them as true is your one important step to have a peaceful and calm mind. Acceptance allows you to clean your emotional state, getting rid of any bitterness or pain that you are going through, and from here you start the healing process.

Once your mind and body starts to heal, you mind becomes more peaceful, calm and positive. When you find yourself in turmoil about anything, take a step back and assess the situation. Learn to adapt and accept so you can start your own healing and peace.

4. Breathe Deeply

In moments of pressure and challenges, we often see people take a deep breath and move forward to continue whatever it is they are doing. These tiny moments, often unseen by many, is a common action done by people from all parts of the world. An action that gives them a moment to breathe in, take all the oxygen you will need to make the decision you are about to do. Scientifically, breathing deeply will allow you to feed more oxygen to the brain which then leads to better blood circulation.

5. Listen to Music That Calm Your Mind

Ah, music – the food for the soul. Sentimentality aside, music is a proven effective way to lift the spirits and make a person more energetic and positive. Listening to your favorite music or other energetic types of music leads to higher release of endorphins, or commonly known as happy hormones, in the brain. Listening to instrumental and relaxing music can help you clear your mind and give you a calm and peaceful mood. This is why relaxing music is played in many spa and massage clinics, to help the body and mind feel more calm and relaxed.

Having a calm and collected mind is key to a peaceful and successful life. It may be a simple, often taken for granted, but the truth is that being calm especially in moments that test you can really go a long way. Being in control of your mind can even help you maintain your weight through mindfulness weight loss program that is proven to be effective.

Life is full of tricky moments, that much is true. Being able to stay calm and collected under pressure is a skill that can bring you peace and success. Train your mind to be relaxed and to not panic in any given situation, knowing that being calm will help you think better. Like what they say, “Keep calm and carry on”.

This article is a guest post by Dr.Kojian

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