A Teen’s Discovery Of Her Purpose And Mission In Life

Brittany-KrystantosMy name is Brittany Krystantos and I am 15 years old. Someone once said to me, “Brittany, are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life?” I am now ready for it. My greatest adventure is the story I’m sharing with you, it’s the root of my identify, I’m sharing my experience with you. I hope everything I have experienced will inspire you.

I’ve always been the girl who felt different from everyone else. Being around multiple people made me feel frustrated, because it was hard to keep up with a constant conversation.

Going back in time, to my childhood experiences, from being a fetus to age 7, I feared speaking to other individuals. My family thought I was deaf, they took me to get my hearing tested. The doctor informed my parents that nothing is wrong with your child, Brittany just has selective mutism. If any of you were wondering what selective mutism is; it occurs from childhood till 5 years of age. It is when the child has lack of speech in social situations, despite the fact they have the ability to do so. The experience of never speaking, allowed me to absorb what was going on around me. The times I had no voice and never had the confidence to stand up for what I believed in, was my own internal crisis. However, it transformed into my blessing, because I learned how to cope around my weakness and strengthen it to be who I am today. All the bad things we experience can become our best things. Our weakness becomes a reflection of our strength. Never speaking as a child, made me a stronger human being TODAY. If you have struggled with being shy, making bad mistakes, having regrets, not having the strength to find your own identify, then allow all these emotions, thoughts, and memories to shift into the best things; that’s when you discover beautiful things inside yourself.

By accepting what happened and allowing what is still to come, you can enjoy this moment.  We all go through dark times, we don’t see a way out and our back is against the wall, each one of us begins to freak out, and think negatively. Emotions will creep into your world.  The ultimate creator is our consciousness. In order to create a desire into your external reality, you need to change within yourselves. You need to accept all of you, for the greater good.

On the one year anniversary of my grandmothers death, my family and I all went out for lunch.  My aunt had mentioned, I have some kind of gifts. Her partner has gifts as well and mentioned to my aunt that I’m special. They told me I will impact many human beings lives. When my aunt told me this, my mouth opened up with confusion, I starred at her, I didn’t even blink. My emotions were full with feelings such as, being scared, worried, and frightened. I’m an open minded person, but when someone tells you things about yourself you haven’t heard before, it causes confusion about who you are, and how you impact others.

I walked a spiritual path, some moments were rotten, but some experiences were incredible. I found this beautiful being, who guided me through good, within my bad. She walked behind me while I went through such a depth of sadness, but always supported me when teaching me wonderful life lessons. I never saw the good inside of me. If you were to have met me 3 years ago and asked me if I loved myself, the answer would have been NO. My guide told me to look at myself in the mirror and say out loud the words “I LOVE MYSELF”. Oh boy, it was a hard thing to do, tears came down my face because I didn’t like who I was, I was confused about who I was.  By repeatedly saying I love myself, it had rooted a core of happiness inside myself. It was the beginning of my self happiness. Joy, love, light, and positiveness all appeared after I changed the way I felt about myself.

Happy in the grassI AM… love, beauty, faith, joy, pure light, gratitude, strength, hope, happiness, peace,  wisdom, and kindness. All those words are positive emotions that I feel about myself. I’ve embodied the love within myself.  The love around me shines directly on me because I listened to my inner self.  What you feel internally is what you will see around you.  Every opportunity lives inside of you. You are the reason for the changes that are occurring in your life. Immediately as you see the beauty that lives within you, your world will begin to shift to all the things you want.  Imagine you are the shooting star that has no limits. You can continue to wish on the shooting star. However the shooting star will be inside of you each time. To wish on something you’re going to have to trust yourself on a daily basis.

There are reasons people can’t figure out what they want, because when they were growing up their parents never allowed them to decide on small things. For example, remember those days when we would want something small that was important to us and our parents would immediately say NO without considering our feelings about it and they would stop us from making choices by ourselves. The choices they’ve made for us actually took away our identify little by little. Every time your parents make small choices for you as you grow up, your confidence fades away. People take on what their parents choose for them. Generations will grow, societies pattern becomes greater than it already is. All it takes is for one person to make a difference and not follow societies rules. Lets all just go for what we want, whether it is the wrong or right choice. Don’t only ask your parents or friends for advice, ask yourself. I can totally relate to people making choices for me. By me not speaking, it allowed others to think they could make choices for me.

As I started to follow my heart, listen to what I wanted, opened up to new experiences it became apparent that great things could happen when we least expect it. I was suddenly invited to a finalist contest called Kollaboration. The lessons the Kollaboration show taught me is that we are all created with our own talents. Each one of us has gifts that we don’t see. Discovering your gifts requires questions such as, what am I interested in, what makes me feel comfortable doing. When you’re in the gift, you will feel alive.  Those times when you are doing something you enjoy, time will feel like 5 mins when in reality 2 hours has past by, if you are experiencing situations like that then this is your gift!

kollaborationThis is a step closer to revealing all of your gifts and talents.  The word “Inspire” means to breathe in spirit. Your talents and gifts should help to inspire YOUR SPIRIT, to breathe in your inspiration. When you are inspired within yourself than the world can become inspired by you. You will begin to have such an impact on many lives. I had mixed feelings and thoughts about going to the Kollaboration show, but I needed to feel inspired to get the clarification to excel on my journey of leadership. By watching others find their talents, it allowed me to realize my gift. My gift is the truth and purity to help others with inspiration. I am blessed to have had the opportunity of going to the Kollaboration show. It is a wonderful production that has impacted many people to find their talents. Although I was moved by every performance and artist, I was very moved and inspired by the headliner of the evening The Airplane Boys. I felt especially connected with Mannie a.k.a @BeckMotley for his inspiring message to the audience of following your passions and supporting others, in their pursuit to excellence.

Teenagers who are feeling like misfits, feeling insecure within yourself, being emotionally or physically abused, having several feelings of self –darkness….You can find the light. I hope my journey can impact you to change. I’m grateful to have gone through each experience because in the end I only hope it can inspire you. Make your own life, don’t live in someone else’s life, build opportunities for yourself, and create a brighter future for yourself.

You have to experience multiple problems to resolve them, in order to build strength within yourself.  A mistake can become a right. The ones who are crazy, different, shy, loud, misfits, rebels, the ones who view life differently, the ones who don’t follow societies rules, are those who will make a difference and change the world.

I’d love to hear about all of your stories. Our experiences become a part of our journey. Our journey becomes a story to be told. I myself would love for you to share your story with me. Lets all make a difference together!



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6 thoughts on “A Teen’s Discovery Of Her Purpose And Mission In Life”

  1. I commend you Brittany for taking a leap of faith and following your calling. your enthusiasm, eagerness and willingness to learn is so refreshing. It’s hard for adults to stand up for their beliefs. There are many lessons I am learning from meeting you. You thank me for helping you; when you are really adding value to my life and the lives of the people you inspire.

    This is just the beginning.

  2. Vanessa Aunty Veronica's friend

    Britney I’ve never read such a beautiful and amazing story. You have come from a little girl who never used to talked to a beautiful young lady whose voice should be here heard by millions. I am so proud of everything that you have become and will become. Go get it girl you truly deserve to be the happiest girl in the whole entire world. Love you

  3. Brittany, you are a blessing and full of light my sister. Did you know your name has a deep meaning that relates to whom you are being right now. People with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence allowing them to burst on the seen full of inspiration for others and reveal their creative side. They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details. Truly you were designed for the work ahead, and as one who is walking with you as a sister, and a guide, know how beautiful you are and we are all listening to what you have inside of you to share. Loving your courage to shine!

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