At-Home Date Night: Outfit Must-Haves to Impress Your Partner

As many couples continue to spend most, if not all, of their dates at home, it can be challenging to make one-on-one time still feel special. While there’s nothing wrong with opting for cosy movie night dates, planning a memorable evening that requires you both to dress up can ignite a little bit of extra romance you didn’t even know you were missing. As you plan out time to connect with your significant other at home, you can have some fun putting together a date night look you know will impress them. The items listed below are the top outfit must-haves to consider if you want to stand out during your next romantic evening together, even if you do have to spend it at home!

Something Festive 

Whether you love the holidays or not, there’s no denying that wearing something festive is a fun way to get into the spirit, and a great excuse to plan a themed date night. Seasonal colours and fabrics are fun to experiment with and even more fun to wear. From bold reds to snowflake-Esque sparkles, there are plenty of options to choose from. Look for statement pieces to add to your wardrobe that combines both a festive fabric and colour like this velvet green mini dress. Styles like this will establish a subtle holiday feel for your upcoming date night, and remind your partner that their most generous gift of all, is you. Outfits that embrace the holiday spirit are both a great conversation starter and a mood booster that add positive vibes to any date night! 

Flattering Shapewear

Sometimes the secret to standing out in any date night outfit comes from what you have on underneath, not on top. The foundation of your outfit can have a significant impact on how the final look comes together, making your clothes fit better than they ever have before! Shapewear is an easy addition to any outfit if you want to make sure your clothes will accentuate your best features, making it a must-have for any night you’re looking to impress your significant other. Wearing supportive shapewear for date night will grab the attention of your partner by hugging your figure in the most flattering way possible, giving whatever clothes you wear on top, a new life. Make sure you have at least one form-fitting set of shapewear on hand to help prevent creases in your blouse or dress, as this will keep your clothes fitting perfectly, your confidence up, and your partner’s eyes on you. 

Empowering Heels

If you haven’t had the chance to wear heels as much as you wanted to this year, you’re not alone. The right heels not only help to pull an entire look together, but they also exude a feeling of empowerment and confidence. Now is the time to break out the pair of heels you bought at the beginning of quarantine that you haven’t been able to wear or better yet, use date night as an excuse to splurge on a new pair. Look for heels that you know will make an entrance such as patterned faux leather heels, as these will add dimension to your overall look. While you might feel a bit out of place dressing from head to toe for a date night at home, push past this uneasiness and instead let your shoes elevate your confidence. Heels can make any outfit feel sexy, and your partner will surely take notice of this.

Statement Accessories

Finally, look into some statement accessories that will enhance your date night outfits and truly bring everything together. The right outfit add-ons should be coordinated in a way that makes it clear you put some thought into picking them out. Simple accessories that are currently taking the fashion world by storm like these magical acrylic hair clips will add unique colour to any outfit and show that you’re staying up to date with the latest trends. Make sure to add at least one accessory to your outfit as this will keep things subtle without causing you to look plain. Whichever statement accessory you choose, it should align with your overall colour scheme without overpowering the rest of your look.

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