10 Tips To Avoid the Friend Zone for Guys

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There are effective ways to avoid the friend zone.

  1. When you first meet a woman, you must be playful and challenging. Playful and challenging equals attraction in women and attraction must always be present in order for a woman to want to sleep with you. If a woman is sleeping with you, it’s a good metric that you can avoid the friend zone.
  2. Be up to big things, and know where you’re going in life. Women are like magical fortune tellers with an uncanny ability to predict where you’ll be in life ten, fifteen, twenty years from now. Show her that your life is the ride of a lifetime, and soon enough she’ll be wanting to ride more than just the story of how awesome your life is.
  3. Touch early; as soon as there is attraction and you start connecting. A little physical touch goes a long way to avoid the friend zone. Hand clasping, nudging, shoulder placing / making her stand a certain direction, hand on lower back, arm around shoulder, light massage around neck and shoulders, biting, kissing, etc would be my general recommendation of sequence here. Clearly you have to watch her body language and be sure that she is open to receiving and you’re not over stepping boundaries.
  4. Frame her as an adventurous type and start planning your (imagined) future together. These can be fun little quirky plans that will probably never happen, but these suggested plans place the two of you doing stuff together, adding to the connection and keeping things playful and fun. To avoid the friend zone you need to be the type of guy who takes charge and leads the way. This is especially important when it comes to planning dates and activities.
  5. Be Interesting. For example, you’re not going to tell her a boring story, you’re going to penetrate her mind with the coolest thing you just found out the other day. You can also be interesting and add a n element of sexuality by using sexual language in normal conversations.
  6. Freely share your vision and mission in life with all you come across. This makes you the ride that women want to, well, ride, and makes you the one that is being chased instead of you being the one who chases. Women are very attracted to men on a mission. If you appear like a man going places, you will totally avoid the friend zone.
  7. Be amazing in bed. You want to be the ‘best she’s ever had’ with 70 – 90 percent of the women you sleep with. Remember, women like to talk about sex, so make sure when your name comes up (no pun there) they only have good things to talk about.
  8. Be a ten to attract a ten. If you want to attract a ten, ask yourself, who is the kind of guy that she sees herself being with? Women don’t sleep with boring guys. Become that guy.
  9. Openly share in conversations with women about transformative experiences you’ve have had in the past during sex. Without getting into too much detail, if you can sub-communicate that sex is more than just a physical thing. Imagine sex to be an access point to a deeper connection with god/energy/source/ your creativity, your passion for life. An overall excellence as an evolutionary gentleman, then you will be positioned in her mind in a special category called ‘I’m curious now, and I want to sleep with him’. Good job.
  10. Make abundance a permanent part of your default setting, including women. The more options you have, the less needy you’ll be, and the more attractive you’ll be to her. Note, neediness equals attraction kryptonite, so don’t be needy.. ever. And remember, you’re not taking anything from her, you’re just giving freely, openly, and abundantly, lovingly detached from any outcome and still primarily focussed on your bigger mission and purpose in life. You are a gift, so own it!

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