6 Reasons To Be A Fit Couple

Being with your special someone is always mesmerizing and soothing. The like-mindedness, the madness of love, the companionship always keeps a couple positive, emotionally strong and enlightened. Extending this companionship to the gym is even more rewarding for a couple. The idea of running on treadmills, helping each other in lifting weights or exchanging medicine balls in between sounds interesting, doesn’t it? It is proven that couples who go to the gym together or do physical exercise together enjoy an enhanced sense of attachment, bonding and of course, are fit and healthy. Jotted down below are some convincing reasons why you should accompany your partner to the gym and stay romantically and physically fit:

1. Create Bonding Time

Workout routine with your partner becomes your regular bonding time with his/her too. No matter how busy your schedule is, this workout time is constant as per your routine when you can spend time with your partner helping each other with exercises, synchronizing rhythms and gaps of workouts; in short, connecting with each other. Thus the emotional bond between you and your partner gets stronger. It has been found out that physical fitness activities between couples leave a positive and attached vibe both physically and mentally. Thus by working out together, you are falling in love with each other more and more and getting physically fitter as well.

2. Romance In The Gym And Beyond

Romance is associated with shorter breath, increased heart rates and sweats. Well, working out too is. That is the correlation. Seeing each other sweating out in the gym is bound to arouse intense love-interest, and this feeling of attraction goes beyond gym as well. Adapting to each other’s comfort level in gym develops an everlasting commitment towards each other which strengthens the relationship even more.


3. Fitness Can Put The Spark Back In Your Sex Life

Well, the obvious thing that pops in mind that working out will make your’s and your partner’s body attractive, toned out and sexy, thus igniting your sex life. But other than that there are biological reasons too. Regular exercise increases sexual urge in women, and for men, it keeps away problems like erectile dysfunction, even when they get older. Furthermore, physical fitness always keeps you energized and stress-free.

4. You Will Forever Have A Workout Partner

Who can be your better partner in the gym than your life-partner? Your partner knows you the best and hence can bring the best out of you in the gym too. If you shift to a new place or join a new gym, it is obvious that your partner too will come along. That way you will never have to work out alone in your life. Every gym will feel familiar and be of the same essence with the presence of your partner. The dedication and commitment towards your workout will not fluctuate ever in your life.

5. It Is More Fun When Done Together

Well, of course, it is! There are moves that your partner knows, and you don’t and vice-versa. You both help each other learn those new workouts, and it ends up having a fun time in the gym every day. You will realize that these workouts which seemed intense while doing alone aren’t intense anymore. You will switch routines according to your partner, and it will be a thrilling time at the gym. And obviously, if you are having fun and shifting to a new routine now and then, your body will tone up and get fit faster and more efficiently.

6. Appreciation And Competition

Have you seen a couple cycling together on an exercise bike in the gym? You would find them consistently on conversation and motivate each other to do a few miles extra. Appreciation for each other and a sense of competition is bound to arise while working out together. This works out more efficiently if you and your partner are on the same level of workout. You would want to quit, but as your partner is still on, you will continue to compete. In the end, you would both be appreciating each other for that extra push.
Thus you see it would be rewarding for both of you and your partner to engage in fitness exercises together. Get to the gym, go for a jog or sprint round the park together and stay blessed and healthy for years to come.

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Jennifer O’Neal is a lifelong cyclist, enjoying the thrill of an outdoor ride as much as the one on her indoor cycling bike. She regularly contributes to allexercisebikes.net, a leading provider of exercise bike reviews, workouts, industry news and education about the benefits of regular exercise.

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