I want to dedicate the beauty part of my blog to name a few people and companies that  I’ve encountered that are related to beauty. As a women working in the dating and relationship business and constantly being in front of people, self image and public image is so vital to my success.

It’s very true that first impressions are often a lasting one and unfortunately many people DO judge a book by it’s cover. Knowing this fact I really do focus on looking and feeling my best especially when I know I will be meeting directly with new clients and business associates.

Pulling off the “Total Package” look in my mind means paying attention to yourself from head to toe. This means good grooming starting with your hair and working yourself down to your toes. If you are REALLY conscious of taking care of yourself it means you care about yourself inside and out! Personal hygiene is a MUST! It’s amazing how many people I run into that look as if they just rolled out of bed.

As most women look straight down to men’s shoes or their teeth (oral hygiene is SUPER important) men are also combing you up and down looking at hair, skin, teeth, fingernails, toe nails, shoes, clothing, the whole 9 yards!

So I truly believe regular maintenance is important ladies! I am certainly NOT implying that I am ALWAYS 100% interview or date ready. But when I KNOW I’ve got some upkeep to take care of, I limit my exposure to the public and try to get to whatever beauty service I need to take care of the situation ASAP. It’s important that you are conscious about it.

So here are a few of my favorite places to go to for some of your beauty needs! We all need to take care of our inner Diva and stay as presentable as possible, particularly those of us that are wanting to “attract” a person of the opposite sex!


Flirt Custom Lash Studios : Creating a customized look for your LASHES!

Eyelash extensions have been a beauty secret to the stars for years and now that the lash extension cat is out of the bag you can have glamour in no time. Because you only deserve the best, we use Xtreme Lashes and took the time (you’re worth it!) to learn the entire lash application process. You’re a one of a kind and we wouldn’t have it any other way . . . your lashy look, will be designed just for you.

Charmartistry: Make Up & Hair Artists

Two Chicks and Some lipstick: Make Up & Hair Artists

Lori Fabrizio and Valeria Nova are top makeup artists in the industry. They have individually achieved great success – their flawless work gracing the pages of Oxygen, Clean Eating, Muscle Mag, Playboy, American Curves, Summum, Inside Fitness and, through advertising, virtually every other magazine on the market. Working with the industries top photographers, both Lori and Valeria have developed solid portfolios featuring a wide range of looks and techniques. Together, they have well over 100 magazine covers to date.


Blush Pretty: Make Up & Hair Artists

BlushPretty: Makeup+Hair Artistry began in 2004 with a whopping one artist. It was a blog, a “moonlighting” job, a hobby. And then, in 2008, Stephanie Daga – Founder and Creative Director of BlushPretty – took a leap of faith, quit her job, and took her hobby full-time.

Fast forward to present day, and BlushPretty is now one of the leading beauty boutiques in the GTA. With over 15 artists on the roster, BlushPretty offers a variety of services both in-studio and on-location. From makeup+hair, eyebrow grooming, indie beauty products, workshops and everyone’s favourite beauty event, The Beauty Board, BlushPretty is the name on everyone’s perfectly painted lips.

Taz Hair Salon: Award Winning Hair Salon

If you’re looking for a salon that has a diverse pool of talent, listen in. If the salon of your design is attractive, warm and welcoming, stay tuned. And if your ideal stylist is open-minded, well trained and knowledgeable of current trends and techniques, then you need look no further.

You’ve just imagined the very attributes that define Taz Hair Co., an intimate, progressive, award-winning salon in the heart of Yorkville. Taz maintains a relaxed energy where efficient, yet unhurried services are performed on contented clients.

Dr.Wayne Carman : Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Wayne Carman

MD, FRCSC, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wayne Carman is the Director and founder of the Cosmetic Surgery Institute, an exclusive private surgical facility in midtown Toronto. A member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada in Plastic Surgery, Dr. Carman has been in private clinical practice for over 20 years and is the past Director of the Scarborough General Hospital Burn Unit.


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    1. Thanks Lori! The pleasure was all MINE! And I truly felt like a queen or shall I say “DIVA” sitting in your chair. Have to tell you that the entire experience was AMAZING and you’re talented beyond belief! Such an amazing gift and as I posted on your FB page, got compliments all night long! You’re a star :D

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