Browser Prime in Nashville is Matchmaker Approved!

Do you suffer from ODF?  In matchmaking we call this “Online Dating Fatigue.”
  • Are you tired of swiping?
  • Are you tired of being in a crowd of people not knowing who is single?
  • Does it feel as if you’re stuck in an eternal texting trap, and never meeting someone in real life when you finally start a conversation online?
This is common for most singles on today’s dating apps, and Nashville’s native, CEO and Founder Johnathan Peffer of Browser Prime has the solution to your dating woes.  I had the opportunity to meet Johnathan in Miami at the iDate conference when I was fascinated with the idea of singles being able to walk into any place, event, function or party and have the ability to see other people who are single and looking to connect and how close they were from each other.
Browser Prime is online-dating-appa real-time dating and connection game-changer that uses advanced, accurate GPS capability to instantly connect you with other like-minded singles who are within visible reach to help make eye contact. Instead of staring at your screen, you can be looking across the room, locking eyes with your next real-time match. You might be connected with the person sitting right next to your table, at your next function, work event or enjoying your favourite cup of coffee when you’re notified that someone is ready to meet you! Welcome to the Browser Prime experience. It’s the perfect connection tool to bridge the gap from your eyes staring at a cold screen, to awakening all of your senses like touch, smell, taste and sound when you meet someone in real life. Imagine transforming your swipes into smiles, with a single person you can meet within minutes of accepting a match request?
“I created Browser Prime to resolve my own frustrations as a user of multiple dating apps that I found either annoying or ineffective. I knew others must feel the same,” said Bull’s Eye Technologies Founder and CEO Johnathan Peffer. “With Browser Prime, we’re reinvigorating the appeal of meeting someone you can actually see across the bar or shopping at the mall. It’s sort of an old-school approaconline dating app h, inspired by the romantic notion of love at first sight, bolstered by cutting-edge, proprietary technology.”
As a professional matchmaker and online dating expert, I can truly appreciate the importance and necessity for singles to connect in real life, and as quickly as possible to determine if there’s actually in person chemistry. Many of my private matchmaking clients have tried dating apps with dismay which is the reason they’ve chosen to hire me. What’s the biggest complaint? Never being able to meet someone in real life and wondering if the person they’re talking to is REAL! Not anymore; Browser Prime allows singles to be more conscious and aware of their environment as it increases the opportunity to actually run into your perfect partner. Imagine going to the grocery store with more than just your grocery list in mind?
In fact, every time you step out of the comfort of your home, you literally create countless opportunities to meet someone new within close proximity if you choose to. Unlike most online dating apps, Browser Prime keeps singles alert, and ready to meet in real time. This creates an innovative and comfortable way to break the ice while creating a new excitement for singles to get off their couch.  You could literally run into your potential life partner.
What are you waiting for? Join the hundreds of singles who are choosing to take matchmaking into their own hands and finding out what they’ve been missing in the real world.

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