10 Most Important Life Lessons Learned In The Last Year!

Today marks the beginning of my 44th year of life and I have already started to receive the numerous social media birthday wishes and I am grateful for each one of them. I truly believe that every waking day is cause for celebration even though I LOVE to celebrate special occasions in a grande way.

  • Life As A Busy Mom

Life As A Busy Mom

Every day seems like a juggling act. My children Mikayla (13 turning 14) and son Brandon (7 turning 8) live with me in our home in a great community in Brampton. Being a single mother with a schedule like mine can be very hectic. I am so glad that I have wonderful and supportive family

Dating Love and Sex Tips

Dating, Love and Sex Tips was created many years ago in my mind. It manifested itself into reality when Pat Ness came into my life. He already had an inspirational blog called Built To Inspire, and was actually searching for a writer to add content to his "relationship" section. I wanted a vehicle to help