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5 Proven Tricks That Will Calm Your Mind

Daily challenges and struggles in life may occupy your mind for the most part, and this is quite normal. As human beings, anxiousness is a common feeling that originates from many different aspects of life. Be it your job, school, family, relationships and many other factors that you are juggling daily, the feeling of worry

6 Reasons To Be A Fit Couple

Being with your special someone is always mesmerizing and soothing. The like-mindedness, the madness of love, the companionship always keeps a couple positive, emotionally strong and enlightened. Extending this companionship to the gym is even more rewarding for a couple. The idea of running on treadmills, helping each other in lifting weights or exchanging medicine

10 Most Important Life Lessons Learned In The Last Year!

Today marks the beginning of my 44th year of life and I have already started to receive the numerous social media birthday wishes and I am grateful for each one of them. I truly believe that every waking day is cause for celebration even though I LOVE to celebrate special occasions in a grande way.

30 Positive Characteristics of A Good Guy

I was searching for positive characteristics of a good guy when I stumbled upon this blog written by Kris Wolfe of Good Guy Swag. I work with single men to help improve and create their online dating profiles so they can meet a compatible women "offline." This list is pretty accurate and worth taking notes

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The #1 Book to Help You Get Out Of The Friend Zone

Are you trying to get out of the friend zone? Have you ever found yourself listening to the words, "I like you as a friend"? When Martin Dasko reached out to me to participate in his book "I like You As A Friend", I jumped at the opportunity. The chance to share some of my dating

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My View of Human Rights – Brittany

Imagine linking arms and lifting each other’s spirits off the ground while holding each other up. Arm in arm, hand in hand, bonding forces with the people around you. Sharing your love with others, by having a smile on your face, spreading joy and laughter, opening your eyes to see all life has to offer.

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Paying It Forward – How To Grow Your Network

Have you ever wondered how to grow your network? Are you looking to connect with influential people in your industry? Today I felt compelled to write my thoughts about paying it forward, and how to attract quality connections. This month I've experienced an outpouring of unsolicited promotion and praise from a variety of people, which

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Emotional Fitness

What is emotional fitness? Emotional fitness is our ability to take control over our choices and to have the emotional strength to cope with whatever hand is dealt to us. Being emotionally fit makes us more resilient and helps us avoid many of the self-induced traps that rob us of precious time—time better devoted to