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My View of Human Rights – Brittany

Imagine linking arms and lifting each other’s spirits off the ground while holding each other up. Arm in arm, hand in hand, bonding forces with the people around you. Sharing your love with others, by having a smile on your face, spreading joy and laughter, opening your eyes to see all life has to offer.

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  • Emotional-Fitness

Emotional Fitness

What is emotional fitness? Emotional fitness is our ability to take control over our choices and to have the emotional strength to cope with whatever hand is dealt to us. Being emotionally fit makes us more resilient and helps us avoid many of the self-induced traps that rob us of precious time—time better devoted to

  • My-Bucket-List

My Bucket List!

I have not put in a formal bucket list, so I can't think of a better time to make one and share it with the Universe so that it can manifest itself back to me! There is no particular order to this bucket list and as I am thinking about it I wonder what I

  • My-Retirement

My Retirement

O.k....so I haven't "officially" retired from working :P What I did do was retire myself from my full-time Monday-Friday senior executive position at a company I had worked with for over 17yrs. It was a difficult decision considering I absoultely loved my work, loved the people, believed in the company and in what we did..but