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Featured on DatingNews.com! Celebrity Matchmaker, Digital Dating Coach & Online Dating Expert

The Scoop: In her 25 years in the dating industry, celebrity matchmaker Carmelia Ray has worked with over 8,000 matchmaking clients and has had more than 65,000 conversations with singles. Her high-end matchmaking firm has been responsible for over 1,000 marriages throughout North America. In 2018, Carmelia was named the year’s best dating coach at the

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What Is Breadcrumbing? What should you do if Bae feeds you crumbs?

Do you know what bread crumbing is? I had the pleasure of interviewing single Millennials and top LA influencers, to get their take on what bread crumbing is. Surprisingly, this was not a term they were familiar with. Watch their reaction and comments when I reveal what this digital dating dilemma really means! Of course,

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Modern Online Dating Terms on “The Breakdown” at Sirius XM Canada

It's difficult to keep up with all the modern online dating terms that keep popping up and "haunting" online daters. It's a good thing I was invited to review a few of these digital dating terms on The Breakdown, with radio host and comedian Alison Dore, with her special co-host Mick Kearn. I review the

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Exclusive Downtown Social

Exclusive Downtown Social Eligible Social club, invite you to join us for an evening of socializing and making new friends and connections. Location: Parlour Lounge (270 Adelaide Street West) Date: Thursday, October 18th, 2012 Time: 7pm - 10pm Fee: $19.00 in advance or $30.00 at the door Eligible Social Club's fabulous single, mingling, and professional

Fun Infographics about Dating and Relationships

I have been running into more and more singles out there that are using Facebook as a way to connect with potential partners. Facebook can now serve as an actual "tool" for dating and relationships. Even when it comes to conducting business, and learning more about your co-workers and business partners; you can start "creeping"

My Decision to Cleanse with OTG3

I am a professional woman and a mom. I am not a nutritionist but I have always been concerned about my health and have made a lot of effort to stay in what I would describe as in “decent” shape. Throughout our lifetimes, some of us have put our bodies through occasional or regular abuse

iDate Miami 2012

The internet dating conference is a conference that I LOVE; especially the Miami conference. I went to the iDate Miami Conference this January 2012 with my business partner Pat Ness to be amongst the who's who who has anything to do with online dating, social media matchmaking and coaching! The event offers an amazing agenda

Take The Risk Clothing

I met with Sahar Ullah of TTR at the UFC Expo 2011 when I helped him promote his MMA fashion gear and fighting equipment company in partnership with an online group buying site. I love supporting new businesses and people that share similar goals. The clothing line is hip, stylish, functional and the selection of

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Pat Ness My Business Partner and Dear Friend

I met Pat Ness at a downtown club called Tryst Saturday July 9th, 2011. It was an interesting meeting as he was there helping out at a Playboy Golf event searching for Playboy Golf candidates, and I was there having a night out. Oh yeah, did I mention that he is also the website designer