Dating Confidence For Shy Singles

Entering the dating scene as a shy guy or girl can seem nerve-wracking and challenging. It’s often difficult to meet new people as a shy person, and finding a love interest can be that much more complicated. It may not be a simple task, but improving your dating confidence will help you greatly as you meet other singles and begin going on dates. Luckily, there are many ways you can build up your dating confidence, so here are just a few methods you can incorporate into your dating life to build up your confidence.

Be yourself

The most important aspect of confidence is to be comfortable with yourself. Covering up with a fake personality or pretending to be interested in subjects you’re not truly enthusiastic about will likely put you in an uncomfortable situation at some point. The best way to meet new people and to feel confident in yourself is to do activities you enjoy and let your true personality shine through. If you often find yourself acting odd or different in various situations, consider why you’re coming off this way. Are you perhaps trying to impress others or get them to like you by acting like a different person? Focus on letting the true you out in situations such as these. The only way to truly connect with others, and potentially find a romantic relationship, is to stay true to yourself. Once you learn to embrace and show all of your qualities, you’ll be able to begin building up your confidence.

Learn to love your insecurities

Insecurity is a major factor that holds people back from opening up. Take the time to reflect on your characteristics that make you feel insecure and consider ways in which you can improve them or learn to accept them. There are so many resources out there nowadays, including ones you can find online, that can help you make improvements in your life. Have you been noticing hair loss lately and is that keeping you down? You can find hair products that prevent hair loss, such as the ones from hims, online without having to worry about making a doctor’s appointment. As for features of your body or personality that cannot be solved in such a way, figure out how to accept them. To do so, try to stop comparing yourself to others. What makes you special is what makes you great, so let your unique features show.

Find techniques that calm your nerves

As a timid person, it’s understandable if you sometimes get nervous before social situations, especially dates. In order to feel more confident while socializing, find ways in which you can relieve these nerves. If you’re worried about not having enough to talk about, plan conversation topics ahead of time. If you find that you get overwhelmed while holding conversations, try releasing your nervous energy by chewing gum or using a fidget spinner. Controlling your nerves will allow you to speak with more confidence and to impress the person you’re interested in.

Take advantage of technology

Technology is a fantastic way for shy singles to get to know others and to show off their personalities. Many find it simpler to communicate via text. This way, you don’t have to worry about other factors, such as body language. Texting with a potential significant other is the perfect way to get to know them so that when you do meet up face-to-face, you’ll be more confident speaking with them. If you find yourself interested in someone, get their number or Facebook then spark up a conversation there. Getting to know someone by using technology will help you ease into a relationship since it’s often easier to express yourself.

 This is a guest post contribution written by Jack Burke 

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  1. Wow.

    I’ve always faced some issues regarding dating since I’m a shy guy too.

    I’ve tried retraining my brain to think positive and let go of negative past experiences. Which has helped a lot.

    Great post by the way. Keep up the awesome work!

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