Discovered Cheating in a Relationship? Go to Cheaterville!

I had the pleasure of interviewing James McGibney, founder of Cheaterville. Cheaterville is the #1 online dating website resource for anyone who’s discovered cheating in a relationship. Cheaterville was launched February 14th, 2011 after one of his good buddies, a U.S marine in the military, was cheated on by his wife while he was away on deployment. James is also a former U.S marine and is currently married with two young children living in Las Vegas; ironically Sin City capital!

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I have been working in the matchmaking industry since 1992 spending most of of my career working directly by phone, or in person interviewing over 50,000 singles North American wide. Our discussions are about real life dating and relationship challenges, where it comes to finding, meeting and connecting with the right one. This is a natural fit for me, because I love helping people and I’ve been told I have the gift of gab! Read More >


  1. Great interview and I love the idea for the site!

    You can ‘catch’ them all in one place!

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