What is emotional fitness?

Emotional fitness is our ability to take control over our choices and to have the emotional strength to cope with whatever hand is dealt to us. Being emotionally fit makes us more resilient and helps us avoid many of the self-induced traps that rob us of precious time—time better devoted to pursuits that enhance the quality of our life. -OPEN Forum

In today’s society we forget that emotional fitness is an area of fitness we need to develop as much as our physical fitness. Dr.Sara Solomon is the Fat-Blasting doctor and a colleague and friend. Together we decided to JOIN INCREDIBLE forces to bring to you a You Tube series focused on getting your mind, heart and body READY FOR LOVE!

We just wrapped up taping episode one and we hope you follow along on our journey to share our most valuable nutrition and emotional tips to help get you in the mood for finding love :)


Be sure to post your comments and questions, so we can address them one at a time and in future episodes of Emotional Fitness

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