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This is your chance to connect with normally inaccessible people, talent and resources, including venture opportunities across multiple industries. Over 400 of the top Entrepreneurs in the world from real estate, technology, publishing, venture capital, investing, legal, financial services, education, advertising, aerospace and more will be in attendance.

By joining us at this year’s event, you’re one connection away from almost anyone on the planet.

$250,000 Elegant Ideas

(PLUS: A $250,000 Guarantee)

One elegant idea is worth more than a thousand semi-good ideas. At this event, you will discover MANY elegant ideas, strategies and techniques that, if executed, can create a $250,000 return or more.

PLUS: If after attending the first full day of the Genius Network®Annual Event you do not feel you have received $250,000 worth of value, turn in your materials to one of the designated Genius Network® Team Members with your written notice and we will send you a full refund for the tuition for the event, plus up to $2,500 in additional travel fees.

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