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I have been running into more and more singles out there that are using Facebook as a way to connect with potential partners. Facebook can now serve as an actual “tool” for dating and relationships. Even when it comes to conducting business, and learning more about your co-workers and business partners; you can start “creeping” them on Facebook to get some kind of clue or insight into who they are outside of the business world. As a Matchmaking Expert I do NOT advise that you allow full and open access to your Facebook right away, UNLESS you have privacy settings properly worked out and limit what you allow random people to see.  Then, Facebook allows someone to get a “glimpse” of who you are rather than giving someone new full on OPEN ACCESS to your friends and family list and what you’ve been up to for the last 10 years or however  long you’ve been on Facebook.

Liking or Poking someone in my opinion can have a variety of meanings, and for some can just be outright ANNOYING! If you make a friend request, and it is accepted, that’s a good indication that you actually have a chance with this person and it certainly is a great opportunity to try and get to know this person by checking out whatever you can through photos, status updates and whatever you can read on their wall.

They key point is NOT to judge a person purely based on Facebook pictures and status updates, UNLESS of course you see a history of common pictures, activities and behavior that you know would not agree with your lifestyle. For example, if you can’t count the number of pictures with his buddies holding up beers, passed out or lying half naked on a couch with empty “two fours” and pizza boxes; this may be something to bring up or be concerned with. Particularly if you are thinking about this person as a future husband prospect. If his status updates are full of F-bombs and “I hate this and that”  & seems more like an obituary and complaints forum, I’d wonder about that.

On that note, Facebook can reveal a lot more than you want to know, give you some reassurances, impress you, scare you, warn you or intrigue you about your new friend or love interest; but just don’t let it be the final decision maker on whether to move forward or  not. Things are not always as they appear to be, and passing judgement too early may not turn out to be the best decision. The cover doesn’t always match the contents of the book.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and stories of how Facebook may have helped or hurt you, when it comes to “new” relationships. Please share your Facebook romances or nightmares and what you’ve learned as a result :)

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