How To Stay Healthy During Quarantine

Quarantine has turned everyone’s world upside down in one way or another. Your typical day-to-day has likely been disrupted, and some of your goals and activities have probably been affected. Although you may not be able to go to the office, the gym, or many of your local hangout spots, you can still work on being productive and healthy, which will hopefully make your days feel a little more normal.  As a professional matchmaker and online dating expert, I’m coaching singles every day on the benefits and importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while looking for love.

Create a Routine 

Start out by creating a quarantine routine! No matter what your day-to-day looks like right now, it will benefit from a little structure. It’s way more difficult to achieve any goals or activities when you don’t have a set schedule to complete them. Whether you plan to complete these things now or sometime in the future, your first step should be to write it down and make it official! 

If you struggle to keep a schedule or you find it difficult to do so during quarantine when so many things are out of whack, try using an online organizer. This will help you stay on track by organizing things for you and sending you reminders. Plus, you will always have it with you since it’s right on your phone! As an online dating expert, I’ve found singles are more likely to swipe right on an a profile photo of someone doing something fun and active!

Take Care of Yourself and Relax! 

Once you’re organized, you should focus on rest, relaxation, and your health. Stress and anxiety levels have skyrocketed all over the country due to the current state of the world, but try not to let these feelings linger! 

It’s best to deal with any stress and anxiety problems you may be experiencing head-on. Once you find a way to do this, you will feel much better and be able to deal with things more rationally. 

To combat these feelings, you can try meditation, therapy, or speaking to your doctor about medication. If you’re thinking you can’t go see your doctor right now because of COVID-19, that may not necessarily be the case. Fortunately, not being able to go into the office does not mean you cannot speak to your physician. A safe alternative to in-office visits are telemedicine appointments through third party services. A lot of offices even have this option set up already!

There are also multiple health applications available now that can help you better yourself right from your phone. You can use the LARKR app to connect with a licensed therapist if you feel like you need to talk with someone during these times. You can also use the Warby Parker app to shop for and virtually try-on prescription glasses if you are in need of new lenses or frames. These apps are great alternatives to the doctor’s offices and stores that are closed or at a limited capacity right now. 

Get Active! 

It can be easy to let your exercise routine fall to the wayside during this pandemic because you aren’t able to go many places, or because you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or tired. However, physical activity is not just to maintain a good physical appearance, it also helps produce endorphins, which trigger positivity, give you energy, and keep you healthy. 

Maintaining a health and fitness routine does not mean you need to come out of quarantine in the best shape of your life. Exercising should be about maintaining a healthy mental and physical state, rather than a perfect physique, during these times – Although, losing weight and feeling more confident in your body is a fringe benefit! 

If you need a little motivation, look into using a fitness app, following fitness accounts on Instagram, or trying a couple’s workout. Having something tangible in front of you to accomplish during a workout, seeing fitness routines on your timeline or working out with your significant other will help you stay motivated and challenged. 

Unfortunately, it’s so easy to let your routine go during times like these and it can take a while to rebuild, but taking care of yourself during quarantine is very important! Utilize these tips and apps to take care of yourself or work towards a new goal so you will be ready for whatever comes your way post-quarantine!

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