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Hey guys, it’s Carmelia Ray celebrity matchmaker and dating coach for elite men. Today I’m going to share my tips on how to turn a woman on in bed.

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Now the first way to turn a woman on in bed is first of all, make love to her mind. Yes, us ladies, we need to hear how hot you are for us. Okay, so whether that is, you know, telling us how much you appreciate us how beautiful we are, you know with turns on your woman or at least you should go. Now fishes come naturally to you.

First of all, you should be able to express the fact that you can’t believe that you’re in bed with her. It’s got to feel like you’re unwrapping a present every single time that you’re in bed, and those words how you say it when you say it. You know, the women want to know that you appreciate us. When we’re feeling not ourselves or we’re not in the mood. There is a way that you can speak to us that really turns us on. So that could be something as much as Oh, I love the way you did this today are man I could not wait. For this moment. I thought about you all day at the office or man I couldn’t wait till the kids went to bed. Whatever your circumstances are. You want to feed in her brain that you are so excited that you are in bed with a woman of your dreams. Now it can’t be hokey, it counts. It can’t sound like you’re reading a lyric. But really the biggest sexual organ is her brain. So turn her on and just watch how she reacts.

Now the other thing to turn a woman on in bed is gentlemen, take your time, just in the same way that you are seducing her with your words. You want to remove the clothes slowly. You don’t and now it depends on the kind of intimacy that you have. But in the case where you’re trying to build that intimacy, I would say go slow. Take your time when it comes to undressing. Unless you’re gonna have animal sex, then yes, you know you want to rip those clothes off but if you are just looking at it to have an experience, and to take your time maybe you rip the clothes off, and then you take your time with her body.

And that’s the next point is kissing. Kissing creates the mood. That exchange of fluids between you when your mouth to mouth is one thing but if you take the time to kiss all the other parts of her body and I’m talking that erogenous zones guys, okay, you want to kiss her neck. You want to kiss the ears. You want to kiss her hands. Now some guys love feet. I mean people love different kinds of things you want to kiss every inch of her body and make it like a slow movement where she is like ready to want you but you are holding it back guys. You want to make sure that kissing is a way that you are kind of worshiping her and that is going to make her want you I gotta say the more you delay, the actual act, the more fun it is for both of you and she’s going to be begging you to literally let her have you but you’re going to hold it back as long as possible. Now, if you want to create an activity around that, make sure that you set the mood. I can’t not emphasize that. The more you create the mood whether it’s you dim the lights, you’ve got the candles going. You’ve got the lavender scent. Yes guys lavender or whatever aphrodisiac it is you take care of yourself. You’ve taken a shower or you’ve gotten rid of the work day and you also smell great. That’s going to just heighten her experience.

Think about the way that you can engage all five senses whether it’s a glass of wine, you’ve got touch, you’ve got looks, you’ve got sound, you’ve got smells, you’ve got all of those things put together. Really blow her mind with all of those things. If you’ve got to take the satin sheets out, maybe add the element of blindfold that’s a mystery. Man. If you can have this kind of sexual experience and heightened experience and delayed gratification, you are going to make her want you. Now the other thing that you want to do again when I said giving her a massage, that’s one thing because it’s all about her pleasure. Your when a woman knows you are more concerned about her experience and less about yours. I can’t tell you how many women complain that their man all they want to do is stick it in, get it done, get off and go to sleep, not the experience that women want. The more that you can really play with play with her play with the whole experience and create that ambience.

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She is going to thank you for that. And finally, to make her really want you ask her what she wants. Don’t be afraid. Ask her Tell her whisper in her ear. Do you like this? What do you want me to do? Is this this feel better? What do you want? Tell me Tell her that you’re aiming to please her that is literally going to blow her mind. There you have it guys. Those are some of my secrets to turning a woman on in bed. Now if you want more, make sure you subscribe to our channel and schedule your free consultation so you can learn more about how you can become more confident in and out of the bedroom. I will see you next week.


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