iDateStartup Event Hosted in Toronto May 2nd at Kultura

  • Idate Startup Toronto

PatNess and I hosted the iDateStartup event in Toronto on May 2nd at Kultura. We had such a great time and were pleased at the attendance. We had a fantastic line up of speakers and attendees that shared their ideas, concepts and valuable time . The speakers and audience were both entertaining and engaging. This is just a small taste of the larger iDate Events that take place all over the world. To get a taste of the event watch this video and if you are an Industry Professional you will want to register in advance for the iDate Super conferences scheduled all over the world!

Special Thanks goes out to:

Frank Nyilas, Owner and Operator of Kultura for his hospitality and having such a cool spot!

Pat Ness: Most amazing business partner
Ashley Madison Team: *Evan Back Speaker and Frank Piluso
Marc Lesnick International Dating Conference
Eric Leebow: Freezecrowd
Justin Waldrip and Arnold Castro:
Kris Covino:
Paul Falzone: eLove
Travis Hartley: Meet Market Adventures

Idate Start up Toronto

Also in attendance:



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