Every day seems like a juggling act. My children Mikayla (13 turning 14) and son Brandon (7 turning 8) live with me in our home in a great community in Brampton.

Being a single mother with a schedule like mine can be very hectic. I am so glad that I have wonderful and supportive family and friends that help me with the daily circus act. When I was working full time as a senior executive for a match making company putting in 40 hours+ a week, and then working p/t with my other businesses while trying to squeeze in time to eat, sleep work out and raise 2 young children was challenging.

I made the decision early March to retire myself from my full-time job so that I can focus on building my businesses and work on our blog Dating,Love and Sex tips.

Monday to Friday consists of waking up around 6:45 – 7:00am (which is totally pushing it) to YANK the kids daily out of bed. Admittedly, it’s the kids that DRAG mom out of bed if I’ve had a late night of writing or was at a late night function or event. My daughter who is 13 going on 30 as they say is very resourceful. She can fully make all her own meals and cooks very well for a young lady her age. As a result, she’s been amazing with her younger brother Brandon often making his snacks when they get home from school or even preparing his breakfast and lunches when I am travelling.

Life-As-A-Busy-MomThe really challenging part of being a mom from my perspective is CLEANING the house and doing all the necessary domestic duties, such as taking out the garbage, caring for the dog (uugh), grocery shopping (Thank goodness for Grocery Gateway! I have to thank a colleague Karen for that) laundry that never ends and the semi-weekly toilet scrubbing.

Having said that, I do not hesitate to call the cleaning company or family “help” line when I feel like things at home get a little overwhelming. I believe my time is better spent on making money and hiring someone to take care of the things I really don’t have time for. I try not to stress about the domestic things that I can’t always get to but if I can offer myself a little tip to you all, put things back where they belong!

It’s a real effort for me to follow this habit and come to think of it..I will need to put that on my bucket list also.”Learn to put things back where they came from”.

So if you happen to be reading this and would like to volunteer some time matching socks, folding clothes, organzing closets or forcing me to have a garage sale..all I have to say is..CONTACT ME :)



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