My Decision to Cleanse with OTG3

I am a professional woman and a mom. I am not a nutritionist but I have always been concerned about my health and have made a lot of effort to stay in what I would describe as in “decent” shape. Throughout our lifetimes, some of us have put our bodies through occasional or regular abuse and neglect. Whether that be in various chemical substances and alcohol we intake or lack of sleep, over working and neglecting to take care of what our bodies tell us when we are not well.

For myself, after having had kids, being a bit of a workaholic and social-holic, there are many times that “nutrition” and “diet” get swept to the side. I’ve been on so many fad diets and have tried everything over the years to take off those “excess” unwanted pounds! Let’s see, we have the Adkins’s Diet, the Cabbage soup diet, Dr.Bernstein, Weight Watchers, Isagenix, The Lemon Diet just to name a few. I did get quick results, but for me the restrictive calories and monotony of eating and drinking the SAME foods, preparation requirements, or timely results were not compatible with my lifestyle. Achieving the results I wanted on the short term was easy, but I quickly realized that I needed a “maintenance” program following any diet!

My decision To Cleanse with OTG3OMG, you mean if I go back to eating the same things in smaller portions and exercise here and there I don’t get to KEEP my lean body? All of a sudden I’d find myself cheating! I’d go up and down 5-10 pounds never REALLY liking what I saw in the mirror or how I felt overall in terms of “health”. I’m one of those women that are a “petite” size and people will say “Oh you look great”. Sure I fit into a size 0-4, depending on the designer but I think clothes are a definite mask to our imperfections! I always wanted to feel as great as I might have looked, so cleansing to me just made sense. Feeling and looking great inside and out is important to me.

Beyond that, what I discovered about my success in ANY diet plan was that I was only as successful as I wanted to be. My personal motivation, desire and commitment to STICK with something were NOT there for the long-term. I would go in “spurts”. Like some people I know, we pay attention to our health is “spurts”. This is another one of my spurts!

So here I am today 39 and about to turn 40, mother of 2 children and a crazy dog. Juggling several businesses and projects with a professional and personal agenda that would make the average person’s head spin! NOW deciding to CLEANSE!

Why now? Why not!? I really can’t think of a better time to cleanse than weeks before my 40th birthday!

I’m thinking of the damage I might do to my body on that monumental evening dancing and partying the night away surrounded with friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers, JD, Grey Goose, Absolute, Cuervo, Cabernet and Tequila! So I thought atMy decision to Cleanse With OTG3 the very least I needed a pre-cleanse to detoxify and certainly to feel and look my best as I approach my 40’s.

Rather than allowing age to slow me down or become the excuse for why I can’t be successful, I’ve taken on the attitude that “it’s never too late”. My pH balance was a 5.5! A neutral or good pH is 7.35. So I’m acidic! I am probably toxic at times, but I’m on a serious mission to get my body BACK to “functioning as it was meant to be”. I’m hoping to reset and increase my metabolism, have increased energy and improve my overall health. So far the juices have all been super yummy and most importantly super CONVENIENT. Hence the acronym for “On the Go”! This cleanse was made for me J

I haven’t had Tim’s in 3 days and it’s been great on my pocket book! I’m saving about $3.00/day and that’s about $90.00/month JUST from omitting coffee. In fact, I am quickly realizing that the cost of the cleanse will SAVE me money from not eating out and paying to put processed, high fat, high sodium and sugary foods into this machine called my body.

Who knows, maybe after the 21 day program and I’m looking and feeling like a brand new SUPER woman……the sheer thought of polluting my body will make me think twice. Or I’ll be looking forward to starting the detoxification and purification of OTG3!!


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