4 Important Online Dating Tips For Men in 2016

online dating tips for menIt’s hard to believe another year has flown by and I’ve spent hundreds of hours browsing thousands of online dating profiles for men. I’ve put in my share of 10,000+ hours on multiple online dating sites and various dating apps. I am uniquely qualified to share these 4 important online dating tips for men in 2016 to help you find your soulmate. I totally believe successful online dating is an art form and requires your full attention, time and effort to get positive results.

First let me share some interesting statistics about online dating to give you some perspective on the landscape of online dating today. I found these facts on datingsitesreviews.com. (https://bit.ly/14nyGT2)

  • There are 91 million people around the world using dating apps. 61 million (2 out of 3 people) of them are men and 64 million (7 in 10) are between 16 and 34 years old.
    According to a number of the major dating sites the busiest day to try out online dating is the first Sunday after New Years day between 5pm and 8pm. This year it happened on January 4th, 2015.
  • A study of 2,300 people between 18 and 34 years old reveals that 39% met through friends, 22% social situations, 18% work, 10% online dating, 6% social media.
  • 80% of gay men now meet their long-term partners online. Back in 2001 this statistics was only 14%.
  • 50 percent of all relationships could begin online by 2031. By 2040, that number could jump to 70 percent.

It is clear that millions of single men and women are turning to online dating sites as a way of meeting someone, hooking up and making offline connections. Therefore gentleman, if you haven’t considered online dating in 2016 as part of your overall dating strategy, I advise that you do so.

Here are 4 important online dating tips for men in 2016.

Tip 1: Your Online Dating Profile Photo Matters.

How many times have you heard the statement that you only get one chance to make a great first impression? Why? Because it’s true. When you make the effort to post a recent, clear and attractive online dating profile photo you are so on your way to having a populated inbox. Take it from me, it is so easy to point out a great looking profile photo. It still astonishes me to see so many guys being super lazy about their online dating profile photo. Here’s some super quick yet effective main profile photo tips guys; NO bathroom selfies, get rid of your clutter, lose the shades, NEVER use a group shot, keep your shirt on and don’t forget to SMILE!!!

Tip 2: Complete Your Online Dating Profile From The Start.

Some of the worst things a woman can read on your profile is the following. “Ask me about myself, I prefer not to write.” “I’m not good at filling this stuff out.” “Message me if you’re interested” “Been here before and it sucked, but trying it one last time.” You don’t want to leave any impression that you rushed filling out your profile or that you gave your online dating profile a half-ass attempt. The message and impression women will get is that you’re lazy, you’re self centred, you’re not serious, you’re a possible sociopath or that there must be something wrong with you. I get that most men rush through the online dating profile creation process just to start immediately browsing, and guess what? If you do this, you risk the chance of your ideal woman viewing your profile and passing you off because she doesn’t have enough information to decide if you’re someone worth getting to know offline. It pays to be thorough and to exercise patience. Take the time to fill out all the forms and answer each question thoughtfully and authentically.

Tip 3: Your Online Dating First Message Is Crucial.

I could spend hours on this topic and I won’t for your sake. lol The best advice I can share with you is to make sure you READ the woman’s entire profile if you intend to send her a message. Read her profile before sending a message. Most guys make the mistake of messaging women they find attractive, hot or pretty, without taking the time to read anything at all on her profile. It’s important to determine if there’s compatibility and if YOU have any of the characteristics she is looking for in her ideal partner. Messages that can be read in less than 3 seconds are a total no, no. Don’t waste a woman’s time with messages like, “Hi. How are you? Want to chat? What’s up? You’re beautiful. You’re hot.” Cheesy, lack lustre, one liners or pointless statements are NOT engaging and will typically be dismissed. You may be passed by or even blocked.  Video tip: https://youtu.be/NYnqrPpS04s

Tip 4: A Creative Username & Tag Line Makes A Huge Difference.

Women love a great username. When you take the time to create a great username, you really stand out from the crowd when it’s coupled with a great online dating profile photo. Your username is a way to identify what’s unique about you and an opportunity to attract a specific type of woman to your profile using your humour, wit and personality. Here’s a great article to help you craft a great username I wrote for the Plenty of Fish Blog:

There you have my 4 important online dating tips for men in 2016. With anything you expect to have success with, you need to match your efforts to your results. Whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve positive results. Making the effort to improve your online dating profile will improve your online dating experiences. Women will recognize and reward your efforts if you are clearly standing out online. When you’re doing all the right things to attract the woman you want, you will start to experience real results.

As an online dating expert and online dating coach, I help single men craft and create their online dating profiles from scratch. If you have an existing online dating profile and are not happy with your results, I will help you recreate, re-write and reposition you to the top of the online dating food chain. For the start of January I am offering a FREE 10 minute online dating profile assessment and provide 3 tips you can use to start your 2016 online dating experience on the right track!

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  1. Excellent suggestions, every single one is exactly right. A good photo, having a complete profile, actually reading other people’s profiles and sending a personal, ‘un-cheesy’ message. Anybody (women too) who takes this advice is much more likely to improve their online dating connections!

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