Pat Ness My Business Partner and Dear Friend

I met Pat Ness at a downtown club called Tryst Saturday July 9th, 2011. It was an interesting meeting as he was there helping out at a Playboy Golf event searching for Playboy Golf candidates, and I was there having a night out. Oh yeah, did I mention that he is also the website designer for Playboy Golf?
Pat is truly blessed with amazing talents and he is the webmaster and blog designer for all of my websites and hundreds more! You can see just a few of his accomplishments and past projects at

They say things happen for a reason but I often wonder WHY I had not met Pat a few years earlier? Turns out we live about 3 kms away from one another and it literally takes about 3 minutes driveway to driveway to get to each others homes!

Luckily we both have home offices and when we need to make choices or talk about business issues face to face, the convenience factor is a tremendous benefit. Our partnership was a natural fit as he already had an inspirational blog and was looking for a content writer for the “relationship” section of his blog. Pat Ness My Business Partner and Dear FriendI was a 20 yr matchmaker that wanted to build a website to express and share my thoughts with the single world.
VOILA… I completely believe we attracted each other into our lives. Ever since our connection we’ve been working on so many projects together each allowing ourselves an opportunity to chase after our BIG dreams and make things happen!

Dating, love and sex tips is our joint blog and we both contribute so much of ourselves into this blog. He is an expert in SEO, with 10 yrs of website development creating over 300+ sites and growing, amazingly talented and I feel so lucky to have his knowledge and experience behind our projects.

He is the type of young entrepreneur that truly inspires many and when he’s in his “work mode” or “in the zone” it seems like nothing can distract him! Time seems to fly when we are working on the various projects we have going on and sometimes I’m afraid to look at the watch, because the sun set hours earlier and it seems like the sun is about to rise!

Pat has introduced me to so many cool videos, artists, funny jokes, people, and so on.  He has a gift of finding new talent in my mind! One of which is Walk off The Earth who’s video recently went viral with over 70 million views on You Tube. Pat’s a you tube junkie if you ask me, but the things he shares are awesome
Pat’s involvement in the fitness industry & professional photography through one of his many business partners Paul Buceta and all of his “celebrity”  status clients which include glamour models has been so much fun to be a part of. I certainly have run into and worked with my share of high profile clients throughout my experience in the match making business but I always appreciate adding to the list of interesting people I meet.  It also reminds me that we are both NOT in an “average and ordinary” business and industry so the compatibility of lifestyle is also something I am thankful for.
Pat’s a big visionary with tremendous goals and I’m so happy, grateful and blessed to be working with someone I really respect and enjoy being around!
Thanks Pat Ness…you ROCK!

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2 thoughts on “Pat Ness My Business Partner and Dear Friend”

  1. Hey Carm, It’s PatNesssssssssssssss!!! Meeting you was def life changing in a very positive way! I’m so glad we met and I am looking forward to building businesses and working with you on the many different projects we have lined up! :) Your such a wonderful person and I’m very happy to be a part of your life! Cx3 fo life!!! I could never have ever asked for a better biz partner and friend! Mucho Luv!

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