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P.P.A Evaluation For Singles And V.I.P Matchmaking Clients

The P.P.A Evaluation to Benefit All Areas of Life
What is it?

Uncovering Life's Strengths, Triggers and Pain Points with a Holistic Analysis

The “P.P.A Evaluation” is a proprietary, customized Personality, Behavioural, Physical and Mental Health Analysis based on your date of birth. This in-depth, holistic analysis of your core personality & psychological traits reveals key life strengths, triggers and pain points in all areas of life, relationships and business. Our pragmatic coaching style incorporates the Dark Triad and HEXACO personality assessments to provide the most effective and immediate solutions to your biggest challenges. Whether you’re struggling inside your key relationships, dealing with unexpected life changes, your physical and mental health needs to be addressed, or are seeking self-awareness, our one-of-a-kind personal evaluation will provide the clarity you need with a plan of action.

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"Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed."

Couples Deep-Dive Evaluation

Our couples P.P.A evaluation facilitates better communication between men and women through understanding, empathy, and the H.U.R.A strategy - Hear, Understand, Respect and Accept. When coupled with vulnerability & insecurities, he shares a specific plan for walking through life challenges, particularly those related to one's love life. His profound ability to empathize provides the magic behind this successful coach-client relationship both parties can rely upon despite its simplicity being anything but easy!

Child's Assessment

Parents will gain valuable insight into their children's personalities, behaviour and development with the P.P.A Evaluation tool. This custom-tailored analysis is based on the date of birth to generate a comprehensive report highlighting essential strengths and potential problem areas and providing tangible advice for addressing any issues your child may be facing. By utilizing our revolutionary "P.P.A Evaluation," you have access to a complete, customized evaluation of your child's personality and psychological makeup that illuminates their innate strengths, potential developmental triggers, and any pain points they may encounter down the line. Grounded in physiological principles such as Dark Triad & HEXACO assessment models, this approach provides fast-acting solutions for all ages from infancy through adulthood - allowing parents everywhere to connect with greater understanding on a deeper level than ever before. Our straightforward coaching strategies for parents, their children and siblings make this an invaluable resource in helping your kids along life's journey.

Deep Dive

Get clarity on the complexities of life and unlock your unique potential with a custom P.P.A. Evaluation. With this holistic analysis, you will discover key strengths & trigger points in every aspect – from personal relationships to business success. Enable your growth into the optimal version of yourself.  By combining Dark Triad and HEXACO assessments with one-of-a-kind coaching methods, Neil's expertise provides practical and effective solutions for any situation you're facing, whether unexpected life changes or scaling up to seven figures and beyond. So what are YOU waiting for? Unleash your full potential today and schedule a discovery call to learn more about the power of the P.P.A. Evaluation.

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