Take The Risk Clothing

I met with Sahar Take The RiskUllah of TTR at the UFC Expo 2011 when I helped him promote his MMA fashion gear and fighting equipment company in partnership with an online group buying site.

I love supporting new businesses and people that share similar goals. The clothing line is hip, stylish, functional and the selection of MMA gear is top notch! This is largely because the company has a 100% dedication and satisfaction to ensure his products are catered to what fighters need based on fighter’s feedback! Sahar is an amazing person and young entrepreneur. We became INSTANT friends. I often refer to him as my twin brother because we have a lot in common and share a common vision of becoming successful in all things we do.

It’s refreshing every time someone comes into your life for whatever reason and it seems like fate or great timing when it happens. We all go through ups and downs and emotional roller coasters and 2011 was a very challenging year for me personally. Through my friendship and business connections with Sahar and the TTR family it’s been a great blessing and I’m looking forward to being part of his journey and the growth of the TTR brand :)


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