I met Carmelia through mutual connections about a year and half ago at the beginning of the pandemic. After her guidance I didn’t stay on the market very long LOL! Even with all the craziness in the world, I still managed to meet my soon to be husband within a year of working with her as my love coach.  She felt like an older sister who genuinely cared about me. She’s funny, honest and I’m proud to call her my friend. She provided me with a perspective on relationships you cannot get from your friends and family. I would recommend her services to anyone without hesitation.

Thank you beautiful, you taught me how to be open to love again!

Nadia M.
Nadia M. Real Estate

Carmelia Ray is an awesome coach, matchmaker, and friend.

I met her through a personal development course we were taking together a few years ago.I trust her guidance. She is honest, funny, open minded, creative and well connected.I saw a whole new world to dating that I would have not had if not for Carmelia and her team.  I met more women, went on more dates and tried new experiences. Lots of lessons learned good and bad. I even did a photoshoot that people still ask me about to this day.The net of it is that I am now engaged and set to get married later this year or early next year.  I met my partner as of a result of Carmelia.Thank you for your partnership Carm! I recommend her to anyone looking to find quality love.  You are well worth the money. Trust me. If you are considering a matchmaker go with Carmelia. If you want to call me I would be open to providing my feedback.  Carmelia is worth the money. I have used her services twice.

Greg H

Carmelia Ray is someone I say yes to.

I met her in 2017 when I approached her for dating advice with my online dating profile.

She suggested doing some inner work and attend personal development courses while working with her. She was extremely encouraging and committed that I have what I want.

I was inspired by her boldness, her confidence and can-do attitude and trusted her coaching. Plus, she was extremely fun and also very professional.

Since then, I have worked with her over the years on various marketing jobs and singles events. I now am clear on what I deserve and what I want in a partner. I am more confident and my love life is thriving.

I got into action around my dating life because of her coaching and am now dating someone who is more than what I dreamed of.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement so I can be confident when dating and have what I want.

I would highly recommend Carmelia to anyone who’s tired of swiping , might be stuck and looking to find a quality relationship.

If you are considering a matchmaker go with Carmelia. Carmelia Ray is worth the money and time.

Kimberley Smith

Carmelia is more than just a coach, she is a friend who always keeps it one hundred.

I met her at a breaking point in my life as the world was upside down. Mid pandemic, the person who I believed to be my one, ended our relationship via text. One day he stepped out for a run, came back and decided to go visit his old roommate. Next day, it was over after 2years and big plans.

I was devastated, I was depressed and I was scared. Carmelia helped me not only accept the breakup, but also heal from it. Not only that, I was able to navigate through past relationships and see my patterns. If I was ever going to find a healthy relationship, I needed to learn an important question Carmelia would ask, “What do you want?” The truth, I wasn’t sure, I spent all my life catering to others wants and needs that I neglected my own.

With her guidance I was able to figure out exactly what I want and in the process learn who I am. She matched me with ME! Through our work I was able to find self love and self confidence. Not to mention lots of tools to help me navigate through the dating scene. She opened my eyes to a much larger picture.

At this point I would be trying relationships by now only because I was too afraid to be alone. Well! I’m not afraid anymore! And Lord knows i’ve dodged some bullets during my dating scene. I’m focused on myself for the first time. I’m meeting fun and creative people, traveling the world and most importantly I’m getting to know myself more.

Although I’m single, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to be in a relationship. I’m just no longer pressured by the silly notation society has set for women my age. I don’t want to be in a relationship just to be in one.I have standards and boundaries now, things i never had.

I want to fall in love with someone who I can build with and grow old with, a partner! Until then I wont settle and I’ll keep working on myself as I manifest my Will to my Jada.

I highly recommend Camelias services, it’s been a life changing experience for me.

Love her!!!