Valentine’s Day 2021 At-Home Romantic Looks

The month of love is here, and although Valentine’s day this year will look different than last year’s, it’s still a great time to connect with your loved ones. Missing the fancy dinner dates and extravagant date nights? You can still celebrate love by getting creative and spend quality time indoors. Whether you’re having a virtual Valentine’s date or spending time with your partner, get dressed up and add a little something extra to your festive look. No plans? That’s ok! It’s a great time to treat yourself to a full day of self-love.

For this Valentine’s Day, wear what makes you feel good! Nothing is more important than when your outfit makes you feel at your best. Whatever you’re in the mood for, get dressed and enjoy the day and night filled with love. At times like these, love is what we need.

When you think of fashion for this special occasion, a lot of romantic colours, fabrics, and styles come to mind. Our favourite looks include pretty dresses, tailored suits, cozy casual wear, flattering tops, and stylish ensembles.

Get inspired with our five Valentine’s Day at-home date night look ideas:

Suit Up

Valentine's Day 2021 At-Home Looks - Suit Up
Valentine’s Day 2021 At-Home Looks – Suit Up

Set the tone by suiting up in your best formal wear. Roleplay and pretend you and your partner are heading to the hottest fine dining restaurant in town. Crack a lovely bottle of wine and cook together in your dressy looks. The best looks for women is a little black dress or a little red dress. For men, pull out your navy suit or if you’re feeling bold, go for that patterned tailored suit. Are you spending the holiday solo? Wear your favourite dress or date night look and log online to meet some hot singles!

Comfy Knits

Valentine's Day 2021 At-Home Looks - Cozy Up
Valentine’s Day 2021 At-Home Looks – Cozy Up

Prefer to stay comfy? Since it’s still sweater weather, settle for a warm and cozy knit sweater with a pair of jeans or fitted trousers. Go for the oversized chunky knits for more casual wear or dress up in a fitted knit dress or turtleneck for a formal look. Indulge in some major self-love in your favourite knitwear next to a fireplace and a glass of wine. Or make plans on the couch with your partner to enjoy your favourite rom-com movie together.

V-day Inspired

Valentine's Day 2021 At-Home Looks - V-Day Inspired Looks
Valentine’s Day 2021 At-Home Looks – V-Day Inspired Looks

Are you the type to go all out during each holiday? If you really want to be on-brand for V-Day, definitely play around with all your Valentine’s day inspired wardrobe. Go for that red, pink, white, heart-filled pieces. These colours will be V-day appropriate and will look super cute on your Instagram feed. Our favourite look is a comfy sweater with hearts on the sleeve for women or a nice pink collared shirt for men.

Time to Reminisce 

Valentine's Day 2021 At-Home Looks - Wedding Love
Valentine’s Day 2021 At-Home Looks – Wedding Love

Why not pull out your old wedding attire from your special day and try them on again! Especially if it’s just sitting in your closet collecting dust. Go through your old wedding photos and videos and reminisce the time you and your partner celebrated your love and relationship once upon ago. Maybe it’s a great time to renew your vows and enjoy the quiet evening together.

Don’t have a wedding dress or suit? Think of a special occasion or a time when you have worn something special. Pull it out and put it on to reminisce all those good times pre-Covid.

Bare Minimal

Valentine's Day 2021 At-Home Looks - Bare Minimal
Valentine’s Day 2021 At-Home Looks – Bare Minimal

Who said you couldn’t celebrate Valentine’s day in your birthday suit? Stay in bed with nothing on for a hot and sexy date night. Whether you decide to devour a meal in bed or watch some Netflix, do it naked for some serious intimate and frisky time together. Nude vibes work great for a solo day also!

Guest post article is co-written in partnership with Linh Pham, co-founder of Designer Swap and our In House Virtual Stylist and event co-ordinator. 

Linh is Carmelia Ray’s Style Expert.  She consults and advises clients in making fashion decisions for dating and lifestyle photoshoot profiles. She provides customized recommendations on individual pieces, entire looks, colour palettes, styles, and fabrics. She is the Co-Founder of an online luxury consignment boutique called Designer Swap and a women’s networking group called Canadian Lady Bosses. She loves fashion, travelling, shopping, and women empowering events.

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