Are you STRONG? Here Are 4 Ways To Empower Women

Learn 4 Ways To Empower Women

I am writing this article from the comfort of my bed, with my 10 year old son to my right, playing Turf Wars, a mini game on MineCraft. I can feel my body screaming at me; my lower back is aching; my shoulders and neck are tight; my arms and legs are sore and my hands are shaking as I am typing on my Mac book. Why is this? I just completed workout Day 1 of Strong Camp in Toronto, which was led by my coach and Canadian Strong Camp Ambassador Nichelle Laus.There were 25+ women who travelled from various places in Ontario to come together and spend a weekend of fitness, fun, sharing, education and inspiration.

Heading to Strong Camp I expected to get a great workout, which I got and what I had heard was, that attending Strong Camp was much more than just a camp to build physical strength. What we got was an experience that will change lives, permanently shift thinking, transformative leadership and a women’s empowerment movement that creates miracles.

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