Love Your Partner, Love Your Exercise: Workouts for Couples

According to a study conducted by the University of Aberdeen, having a workout partner can increase the amount of time you spend exercising. Working out with a partner can double performance and is more effective when the gym partner also provides emotional support.

So, why not work out with your significant other? The statistics show that a couple that works out together not only stays together, but motivates each other to do more and for longer. Here are some exercises to try with your partner that individually target your legs, abs, and arms.

Couple Wall-Sits

This is a cute exercise you can do together to strengthen your muscles while also strengthening your relationship.
First, stand back-to-back and both slowly enter a sitting position. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground and your chest facing opposite directions of each other. Then, simply hold for as long as possible. You can chat for distraction and motivation, or hold hands during the wall-sit. The next time you try the exercise, try to hold this position even longer than the last.

Lying Leg Throw-Down

This exercise is a little harder, but will help to tone those summer abs. First lay down on the floor, while your partner stands up. You should be on your back, with your head between your partners feet. Then, grasp your partner’s ankles and use your abs to bring your legs to your partner’s arms. As soon as your legs reach his or her arms, have your partner throw down your legs. You should then push your legs back up to him or her without having your heels touch the ground. Switch roles after each designated set of reps.

Resistance Band Chest Press

Resistance bands provide great health benefits such as weight management, improved muscle strength, and improved posture and balance. The resistance band chest press in particular is a great workout to tone those arms while improving balance. Have the first partner hold both ends of the band with the loop hanging loosely behind their body. Then, the second partner will be the anchor, holding the loop behind the first partner until they create tension. The first partner will push the band outwards until their arms are parallel to the ground, following which you can step out in a lunge for balance. Repeat this movement for about 10 reps and switch turns.

Whether your goal is to bulk up or lose weight, or whether you’ve been together for years or a couple of months, exercising as a couple is extremely beneficial. It will help strengthen your relationship as well as your muscles.

Guest post by Jane Sandwood

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